Over 100,000 Brand Name Products

Product categories sold by Consumers Interstate Corporation include Industrial, MRO, Janitorial, Safety, Office, & Packaging supplies. We have relationships with leading manufacturers including Kimberly Clark, Evonik Stockhausen, 3M, Fortune Plastics, Pregis, Laddawn, Ranpak, Anderson Mat, Showa Best Glove, Shurtape, Samuel Strapping, Decker Tape, AEP, SCA, and dozens more. Consumers Interstate Corporation offers its customers products from top brand names such as Charmin, Lysol, Clorox, Purell, Simple Green, Kleenex, Glad, Kleenguard, Mapa, Fabuloso, Provon, GOJO & hundreds of others.


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  • Value Stream Map
  • Custom Order Forms by User
  • Budget by Department
  • One Invoice per month
  • Financial Reports
  • National Next Day Deliveries
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Consumers Interstate Corp

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