Three Generations Of Leadership

Established in 1947 by Jack Fischburg, Consumers Interstate Corporation started as a full paper and janitorial products distributor, selling to restaurants, retail operations, hospitality, government & industry. In 1974, Kenn Fischburg took over as CEO and sole-shareholder. Kenn began major E-commerce initiatives starting in 1999, and the company grew rapidly under that focus. In 2008, Jessica Fischburg joined as E-commerce Project manager. Today, Consumers Interstate Corporation boasts numerous multi-generation employees, including our Vice President & Corporate Secretary.


  • Managing Your Indirect Costs
  • Value Stream Map
  • Custom Order Forms by User
  • Budget by Department
  • One Invoice per month
  • Financial Reports
  • National Next Day Deliveries
How Lean Is Your Procurement?


Consumers Interstate Corp

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