U.S. Patented Business Methodâ„¢

In 2005, President and owner Kenn Fischburg was awarded U.S. patent #6,895,389 named Internet Procurement Methodâ„¢. The method is original and novel as it helps you organize the procurement of your supplies online, using SuperSupplies.com as the online tool. Please visit http://internetprocurementmethod.com/ for more information.

Brief Overview of the Internet Procurement Method

Our first step is to create a Value Stream Map identifying the procurement process. Then, CIC creates a list of items by querying personnel and auditing records. Then we identify the buyers in the company for all of the items and store all of this data within our system. Each buyer is given a password to access SuperSupplies.com. An order form is displayed on our website with just the items unique to that user. The user can quickly and easily access the order form and place an order for any of the items on their list. For security, the supervisor may want to review every order first. For accountability we provide historical usage data and financial reports 24/7, along with one monthly online consolidated invoice. Over 70% of our sales revenue comes through the Internet from current customers' repeat business. Our Internet procurement method is proven. Let us help you reduce your costs.


  • Managing Your Indirect Costs
  • Value Stream Map
  • Custom Order Forms by User
  • Budget by Department
  • One Invoice per month
  • Financial Reports
  • National Next Day Deliveries
How Lean Is Your Procurement?


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